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About Us

     We offer hands on, job site supervision. Because Luke is on site so often, problems can be solved and decisions can be made to avoid costly delays and mistakes. Subcontractors also keep a higher standard of workmanship when the builder is present.


     We maintain a friendly, cooperative jobsite, ensuring increased loyalty from all involved. While building a new home, the customer often wants to make changes as the project evolves. Most builders remain rigid and reluctant to make changes, or they charge exorbitant fees to change things. We help by explaining the options and costs involved in a change, and upon an agreement, make it happen.


     We have built everything from a Victorian replica to a grand log home. We are up to date with new products and construction methods which provide you with a better built or more economical home.


     Luke Steckel grew up near Allentown, Pennsylvania and started in the new construction painting trade after graduating from Penn State in 1991 with a B.A. in Advertising. He designed and built his first spec home in Allentown before moving to Baltimore.


     We don't intend to become a large volume building company. We are satisfied to build a few custom homes a year, spending a lot of time at each home himself, guaranteeing the level of quality our customers deserve. We believe that constant communication with each customer not only helps improve a project with ideas as it evolves, but helps maintain a trusting, friendly relationship between the builder and the customer. Things do go wrong; delays are inevitable, but we believe in communicating problems and proposing remedies to our customers.


     Above all, we always have in mind that a house is usually the largest investment that a customer will make, and will try to make the product and process the best it can be, for ourselves and our customers.

Luke Steckel Enterprises is a certified Energy Star partner as of December 2018. This means we have teamed with Energy Star to save energy in homes and businesses through energy efficient products and practices.

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