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About Us


As a small business, Steckel Homes offers what larger contractors cannot—hands-on jobsite supervision.


Owner and Head Builder Luke Steckel is onsite daily, personally providing solutions and making decisions to avoid costly delays and mistakes. Subcontractors maintain a higher standard of workmanship when the builder is present, guaranteeing the level of quality you deserve.


After graduating from Penn State in 1991 with a B.A. in Advertising, Luke Steckel started a painting company in Allentown, PA. He expanded into construction, and he designed and built his first spec home in 1995. Luke moved to Maryland in 1998, where he focused his business on middle to high end luxury homes in the greater Baltimore area.


Steckel Homes does not intend to become a large volume construction company. Building only a few custom homes a year allows us to form a trusting personal relationship with each client. We believe in constant communication and an open flow of ideas.


We understand that you may want to make changes as your new home evolves. Changes to a building project often involve exorbitant fees or reluctance from the builder; Steckel Homes takes a different approach. We explain the options and costs involved in a change, and upon an agreement, we make it happen.


Our team at Steckel Homes values education. We apply the newest construction methods and technology, creating opportunities for a more economical home. We offer energy efficient design options, including insulated concrete foundations and geothermal heating and cooling systems.


Above all, we understand that a home is the greatest investment you will make. To Steckel Homes, custom building means that your plans, needs, and dreams will be the foundation for your home. 


Luke Steckel Enterprises is a certified Energy Star partner as of December 2018. This means we have teamed with Energy Star to save energy in homes and businesses through energy efficient products and practices.

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